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Mock IDataReader for Unit Testing

Mock IDataReader using Moq to unit test a class that uses IDataReader

How to mock IDataReader using Moq, when unit testing a class that depends on it

Dacpac Deployment

SqlServer Data Tool - Dacpac Deployment Utility, dacpac-cli.exe

A command line tool used for continiously deploying dacpac files in any devops tools/environment

Server to Client streaming over REST

Send data streams from Server to Client over REST - ASP.NET Core

This article explains on how to send data streams over REST, using a simple ASP.NET Core application

Replatform ASP.NET apps PCF/TAS

Replatform ASP.NET apps with zero to minimal code changes to any Cloud Foundry based platform

This article explains on how to move your ASP.NET workloads to Cloud Foundry, using various tools and techniques, adopting cloud native principles

ASP.NET - Externalize Configuration

Externalize ASP.NET App Configuration using Cloud Foundry buildpack

This article explains on how to use an extension buildpack to externalize configuration of an ASP.NET application